It all began with a simple question… ‘Why?’

Most people see a baby bottle and think modern invention. But did you know that the first “feeding vessels” dates back to 2000 B.C.? Since then, baby bottles have come a long way from clay pots, cow horns, porcelain, and most recently, plastic standing bottles. In many sense, however, the design intention had always been from the perspective of “us”, the adults.

So we asked a simple question…’Why?’ Isn’t it about time that we design something with a pure intention for “them”, our little ones?


Sensible Material

We wanted to challenge the status quo. Sure, plastic bottles are tested and proven for manufacturability. But they leach toxic chemicals, and frankly, is nothing at all like mommy. So we used medical grade silicone, which is known to be one of the safest materials for humans. Also, the soft, skin-like texture of silicone helped us to design a uniquely squeezy bottle that’s soothing and comforting to a baby’s touch.


41% of 1380 new moms said that their babies rejected baby bottle.


80% of those whom had bottle rejection issues took Comotomo bottles.


Goodbye to ‘Nipple Confusion’

One of the most frustrating and challenging realities of early stage feeding is ‘nipple confusion’ or the dreaded bottle rejection issue. Consider problem solved. Standard bottles simply don’t allow your little one to naturally “latch” as they do during breastfeeding. So we threw the convention out the window and came up with a design that closely mimics the breast. The wide-mound design and the soft silicone nipple help your baby seamlessly transition back and forth from the breast to bottle!

This thank you note from a happy mom says it best;

“Finally, a bottle your baby can latch to like a breast, and there was no looking back. I went out to a painting class for two hours. I slept through a feeding (daddy yawned the entire next day), and my boobs got a break! Amen.”

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Anti-Colic Vents

Colic is a bummer for the whole family. As far as it comes to feeding, however, we have your back. We’ve designed two anti-colic vents that are smartly placed on the nipple to ensure that your baby’s bottle is perfectly ventilated. This means that your little one drinks milk and not air. Also, good airflow prevents vacuum buildup to eliminate earaches, and fussiness from irregular milk flow. Plus, there are no extra pieces, so cleaning them is a bliss!