Why reinvent the wheel?

It seems that baby teethers come in more sizes and shapes than you can imagine. In coming up with our design, we were inspired to go back to the fundamentals. The truth is, your baby already has the most well designed teething toy out there. It just so happens to be his or her itty bitty fingers. So we simply copied from the best with just a bit of a twist.



Sensible Material

When it comes to all things baby, we agree that the single most important thing is safety. After exploring various options, we found out that silicone was not only safe and completely non-toxic, but also had the perfect blend of soft and flexible texture that we wanted. Silicone was simply the most bite friendly material out there.


41% of 1380 new moms said that their babies rejected baby bottle.


80% of those whom had bottle rejection issues took Comotomo bottles.


Unique Design

You don’t have to look much further than the mess at meal time to know that your little one hasn’t quite perfected their hand-to-eye coordination. So we simplified the design to make our teethers easy and intuitive to grab and hold. The four prongs (or fingers) are perfectly sized to mimic baby hands. So they’re just long enough to reach the back molars, but are sensibly sized to prevent choking. Also, we’ve gotten a remarkable number of feedbacks from moms crediting our teethers for helping to wean their baby from suckling on their fingers.


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It’s often easy to overlook the beauty of keeping things simple. Our teethers have no moving parts, extra pieces, or crazy designs, so cleaning them is a cinch. Since silicone is highly heat resistant, you can just go ahead and put the teethers in boiling water (5 minutes), and you’re good to go. Doesn’t get much easier than that!