With all babies being born with unique preferences and needs new parents can find themselves overwhelmed with the mass of baby products. As an occupational therapist we focus on the basic “occupation” of taking care of yourself in a holistic approach such as feeding, toileting, and sleeping. When a baby is born premature it is important to include therapeutic tools which help master these daily (or often times hourly) tasks. Recently I was provided a sample of the Comotomo bottles in 2 different sizes. The nipples worked well with most babies who tried the bottle. They conformed well around oxygen lines and other facial medical lines without interfering with the natural sucking patterns during feeding similar to breast. The silicone shape of the bottle itself allowed for control of flow which is important in NICU feeding. This is a skill which could easily be learned in the hospital and carried over into home life with little or no change to the baby and easy for any sleep-deprived parent.

The bottle itself presents itself with a unique design. The flexible shape of the silicone bottle allows for easy transport and travel, important for NICU parents traveling between hospital and home. The silicone feel mimics the softness of human skin and touch which is our largest sensory system and continues to develop after delivery. The flexible silicone design of the bottle also increases comfort for any adult who may have arthritis, carpal tunnel, tone, or any other hand limitation. Older siblings may have an easier time adjusting to their new role with the comfortable and safe design. I would recommend parents to try the comotomo bottle as it is a minimal but effective bottle which can be used from preemie babies and many months beyond


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