This bottle is great! I love the look and the feel of it. As a mother of 3 and lactation consultant for 11 years I recommend it to all of my patients. I used it and just loved it! If a mother is wanting to provide her own breastmilk in a bottle, this is the one I would prefer. The bottle is soft and the nipple is wide based and has a slow flow. Lactation Consultants like this because it allows a breastfeeding baby to feed more naturally like they would at the breast. A baby who is breastfeeding has a self-regulated flow and this bottle I believe is a good choice. Comotomo nipples are ergonomic and they are somewhat similar (to a breast) and I don’t believe it interferes with the breastfeeding process. Many mothers who I have recommended this too have loved it! They are still able to continue providing breastmilk and don’t have the guilt of using a bottle.   
ExpertsJennifer Reynolds

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